PP2.12 – Restore Your Church

Shepherds On Wandering Course
Sacred Duties Failed To Keep
The Lords Flock In Naked Neglect
Scattered And About, In Disarray
No Time Left To Shear
None Left To Care

Bitter Waters Left To Drink
Thorny Pastures Left To Graze Upon
In Haste He Called In The Wolves 
His Flock To Keep While Away
Chasing After The Caravan
The Gold, The Silver The Mammon 
The Dog And The Pig 

Strange Garments Litter The House
Strange Spirits Fly About 
All Fences Broken Down
The House Badly Breached 
As Sagging Skins Cling To Brittle Bones
Starvation Pervades The House
As Death Hangs Over The Altar
That Man Of Sin Astride
In Defiant Habitation
In Flagrant Violation  

And Utter Desecration 
Strangled Near To Death 
But With Hold To Silver Chord 
With Hold To Mercy Strings
The Remnants Cry With Resolve

“Restore Your Church, O Lord!”


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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