PP2.13 – Lusting Away

There Is The Tranquility Of His Presence
The Serenity And Glory Of His Being
Where All Things Become Subject
And Where Only His Will Reigns
There I Daily Find Pleasure

In Beholding Things Too Beautiful To State
The Light And Glory So Radiant For Words 
So Much Splendor, In A Long Drawn Day
Praising And Worshiping
Angels And Sons Alike
Sons Adopted, Redeemed By Grace
As Joint Heirs Of The Father
Forever To Live 
Forever To Rule

But The Struggles Of Fate Against Faith 
Wages Daily Wars Against The Will
To Explore And To Exploit
Yet So Many A Terrain Beyond The Grace 
Running To Lust Away
From The Place Of Solemn Rest And Quiet
To That Of Exercise And Exertion 
Manipulating The Wild Will Of The Self
Other Grounds To Explore

Other Grounds Of Sensual Pleasure
Other Grounds Of Riotous Liberty
With The Club Of Death In Stock
Wide And Large Is The Grace
Yet Narrow And Obscure The Gate
To The Senses, That Rage 

On The Other Side
To Receive Back To Life
By The Way Of The Atoning Fire
Sons That Wandered Off His Presence
Who Died In Waste And Want
To Purge Off All That Speak Flesh
And By The Way Of The Word
Life To Restore, Life To Recreate
Home Bound To Return Repentant
To The Fathers Warm Delight


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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