PP2.14 – Escape To The Mountains


Let The Inhabitants Of Zion
Those Purchased By The Blood
Those Sealed In Mercy
Hearken In The Instant
To The High Sounding Trumpet Call 

To Hear That, Which The Lord Declares
And To Behold That 
Which To Your Eyes Is  Revealed
The Land Is Rotten, The Maggots Are Feasting
Delusion And Wickedness Rule The Land
No Ground Is Left,
For The Righteous To Thread
The Dry Times Are Stretched
The Harvest Time, To Shear, And Gather
Escape Ye! Flee This Land!
Shake Off Its Dust, Off Your Feet

Take Off, Depart Its Gates In Haste
Separate, Let The Lords Wheat Separate 
As The Impending East Wind Of The Lord
Judges The Chaff In The Land
Escape Ye! To The Mountains 
The Lords Holy Heights
Let Zion Shun The Easy Ways
The Temptous Ways Of The Plains
Let Grace Abound To Resolve
This Upward Course To Chart

Though Tedious And Lonesome
Bodily Strength Will Avail
Though Uncertain And Fearsome
By His Spirit Shall There Be Light
The Eye, Let It Not Becloud 
Daily, Let The Feet Gather Strength
Let The Grip Hold In Faith
As The Zenith Beckons 
Let Zion, To The Last Keep Resolve
The Lords Call, To Obey


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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