PP2.15 – Sons Indeed

Before The Foundations
Foretold By The Prophets
And To The Saints Revealed 
Sons  Indeed, Shall Arise
Born After The Pattern Set
Conceived Of The Spirit
Nurtured In The Word
Birthed In Wild Consternation
Aftermath Of Much Agony
A Tender Lilly, In The Wild

The Cloud Of Glory, His Covering
Rocky Clefts, His Anchorage 
A Child Born To Faith
Meek And Lowly
Unsure And Obscured
Yet A Man
Built And So Much Arrayed
In Grace And In Strenght
Ready Now, His Domnion To Hold
For All That Be To Rejoice
As Groanings Come To Cease
For Creation Shall Come To Term
Creator’s Will To Do
As Stormy Winds
Turn To Blissful Breeze
And As Stormy Waters
Turn Gentle Undercurrents

Let Every War Drum Now Sound Melodies
Let Destruction Fire Simmer To Cinder
Let The Doves That Rove The Sky 
Happily Sing Songs Of Praise
As The Heavens And The Earth
Come To Term

The Father, In Measureless Pleasure
Sons Manifesting In Glory
The Glory Of The Father, 
Sons Indeed!


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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