PP2.16 – Melancholy At Night


The Restless Barking
Betrayed The Frightened Dog
The Noisy Cracking Croaks
Brought The Frog Mass Choir To Life
The Hen Chuckled Away
Her Chicks Brooded In Feathers
Arrogantly Perched On The Cashew Tree,
The Cockrel Dozed Away
A Vigil On The Mango Tree
The Bats Took The Sky
Gliding In The Dark, Fruit Feasting   
The Orchard Was At A Loss
Rats, On Nocturnal Trail, Ran Riot
The Uncovered  Bin, Received Tourists
bDark Was The Night
Yet With A Sky Full Of Stars
And The Moon, Too Full To Ignore
Soothing Dew Silently Fell

A Howling Owl Perched, Rudely On The Sill
Its Scaring Eyes Too Close For Comfort
My Prostrate Frame Woke With A Start
The Grandfather’s  Clock Chimed 
Charming The Night Thrice
Oh, What A Time?
It Was Time To Pray!
In Quiet Meditation

As The Spirit Yields With Delight
In Pleasure To Commune 
Time Together To Reason
Time To Ask, Time To Receive
Time To Behold, Time Of Revelation 
Time To Resist, Time To Wrestle
What A Timeless Time, In His Presence
Then The Cockerel Began To Crow 
The Dawn Crept In Stealthily
What A Blessed New Day

Good Morning Lord!


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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