PP3.01 – Peace!

joy1True Peace, Pure And Solemn
From GOD An Offering To Heal
His Tranquility, So Serene
His Voice Too Faint   
For The Void To Hear
Peace Sings Songs Of Truce
His Lowly Words Spoken To Soothen
Daily Labouring To Array
Silently, Mending  Breaches
Striking Sweet Chords Of Harmony

Peace Does Not Grief
He Is Humble, He Is Easy
Peace Is True, He Is Pure
Like A Gentle Stream, He Flows
The Lowly Dusty Plains To Arouse To Life
Peace Reconciles
Paving The Way, Showing The Way
First Man To Man
Then Man To God In Truce
Emmanuel, God Coming Down To Man
A Price  For Peace

An Offering For Peace
The Word, Left To Nurture
The Spirit Quickening To Restore
Man, His Track Back To GOD
Perfect Rest, In Perfect Peace
A Perfect Place
In The Perfect GOD


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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