PP3.02 – The mind

The Mind Is The Greatest Grill
It Is A Broiling Pot
Where Like A Potage 
Infinite Ideas And Options
Limitless Suggestions And Propositions
Are Mixed By The Mystery Of The Word
Of Meditation In The Word
Are Fired By The Power Of The Spirit 
Like A Nugget, It Portends To Explode 
Into Limitless Spectra Of Positions 
The Mind Is Too Large
For Time And Space
Far Ahead Of The Horizons

New Positions For The Day To Unveil
The Mind Provides The Grounds For Choice 
It Is The Center Of Decision 
A Battle Ground For Contending Options
It Is Where Battles Are Planned And Fought
It Also Is Where Battles Are Won And Lost
It Is A Spring
From Where The Well Of Emotions
Is Continually Filled
The Mind Is A Pot, That Of Many Colours
From It Shades Of Characters Are Painted
And A Spectra Of Moods Are Displayed 
The Mind, An Altar In A Temple
A Place Of Evil Candour
Unto Sordid Wickedness
Yet As It Can Also Be
A Place Of Serene Worship

Unto God In Righteousness


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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