PP3.03 – The rock and the stones

The Rock That Followed Zion
Immutable, Immovable
The Mountains That Surround Jerusalem
Rock Of Offence, Rock Of Stumbling
The Word, Became Chips Of Stone
Tablets Of Stone, Engraved
By The Fingers Of  God

Lively Stones Indeed, By The Spirit
Life And Light To Give
To A Darkened Humanity
Tried Under The Jordan
Twelve Natures Of A Nation
Separated As Priestly Token
That  Of A Royal Kingdom
Ready Tools In Davidic Strings
A Judgment To The Devil
Let Lively Stones Now Gather
Time To Return From The Scatter
Into A Mound, Build Yourselves

Become An Holy Altar Unto God
For The Chips Must Return
Home Back To The Rock
Let Now, Every Vessel Of Stone
Hewn From The Rock
Receive The New Wine, And Hold
For The Temple Shall Be Built
Every Stone After Due Order
In Time And In Place
In Haste, For Time No Longer Is
Every Lively Stone To Avail

The Third Temple Now To Build


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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