PP3.04 – The desert of time

Over The Gloomy Waters
The Light Of His Presence Roved 
He Caused The Word To  Declare
And The Spirit To Perform
He Caused Darkness To Recede Into Night
But Established The Day In Light
With The Dawn And With The Twilight 
Separated The Day And The Night
In Cycles Of Time

He Established Seasons On Time
And In Cycles Of Seasons
Generations He Created For Man
Time On Earth, A Tool For God 
A Reed In Gods Hand To Judge
A String In  His Hand For Mercy
He Created A Field Of Time

That He Might Sow The Seed Of Promise
For Man In Time, To Reap 
Teaching Man To Wait
From Waiting Unto Patience 
From Patience Unto  Hope
And In Hope Unto Faith
In Faith, Love Is Born

Unto Trust, Obedience And Belief
Believing God Unto Solemn Worship
For In True Worship.
The Futility In Flesh Is Slain
For The Divinity In God To Rule 
All In The Process Of Time
Which Rejection In Rebellion 
Shall Condemn Him To Wander

In The Desert Of Time



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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