PP3.05 – The watcher

He Watches Over Times And Seasons
Like A Net Strung Over The Waters
Is Dragged To Fish Out
Circumstances And Events
The Watcher In A Lifelong Mission
Perched At Vantage

Lifted High Above The Earth
So High Above The Crush, Above The Crust
That The Horizon Before Him Lifted
As Mirages Dissolve
And As The Power Of The Truth, Like Fire
Cut Through The Wax Of Deceit
What A Revelation Realm !
Scanty And Of Little Renown
Ignored And Of No Repute
Sold Out He Is In Faith
Sublime In Purity

Watching And Praising, A Duty
Praying And Praising, A Passion
Charity In Chastity
His Voice Loud And Clear
A Clarion Call

The Sound Of The Trumpet
His Word, Sordid And Timely
Of Power And Light
Charting Courses In God
A Generation To Lead, To Move
Overcoming The Tide
A Rung Up In Glory
In Divine Time
Back To God


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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