PP3.06 – Eat my Flesh

Let These Milk Teeth 
Fall Off The Gum Of My Mouth
For To The Yester Years They Belonged
Good Enough When I Was A Babe
Good Enough To Tear At Lean Meat
Father, Cause This Cringing To Stop
Cause These Childish Desires
Like Vapour To Varnish Away

Let These Selfish Craving And Wailing Stop
Let This Baby Begin To Arise, To Walk
Let Him Begin To Speak To Talk
Let The Babe In Me Fade Away
As I Begin To Take My Place
Cause Your Holy Spirit

To Teach Me Daily, Your Way Of Truth 
Strong Teeth O Lord, I Covet
Now For Strong Meat
Cause Me, Your Flesh To Eat
That I May Be One With You
Your Body In Me, And Mine In Yours
Both Of Us Right In The Father
Cause Me Now, O Lord
To Drink Your Blood
My Thirst For Life To Quench
That My Veins May Receive Now

A Flowing Stream Of Life


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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