PP3.07 – The die is cast

When The Die Is Cast
As A Sudden Blanket Drops
Strangulating Every Hope
And Cutting The Vital Rope
That Of A Swing To The Future
Shattered Dreams, Shattered Hope
Like The Chinaware, It Broke
Too Many Bits To Gather
Too Brittle Bits To Pick
And Like The Broken Egg

A Smearing Splutter On The Carpet
What A Messy Mess 
From The Abrupt Loss Of A Gem
To The Denials Of True Joy
And From Insincerity To Deception
From Rebuff To Outright  Rejection 
A Dead End, In A Dark Alley
Too Blinded To See
Too Deafening To Hear 
A Sudden Cast Away
Into Solitary Solitude
In Shame And Disgust
Alone And Dying

Did I Say Alone?
Yes, But That Cannot Be True!
Let The Innocent Seed In Me Hear
Let It Hold Up To Life 
As We Yoke Together By Fate
Me Dying For You To Live
As You Die For Me To Yet Die!
Or Do We In This Yoke Together Die?
What A Hole
What A Trap!

Nobody Wants To Touch
As Nobody Would Talk
A Discarded Trash
A Confinement, An Encasement
A Judgment Of A Fractured Life!
But In Judgment 
Let There Be Room For Mercy
That The Executioner Be Stopped
Let This Guillotine Be Carried Away
Oh God, Send Reprieve
Send Grace Unto Repentance

As You Forgive
Teach Me Also To Forgive
Send Help, To Cover
As I Learn To Hope Again
Hope Against Hope

To Live


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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