PP3.08 – Waiting for the morning

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First, Like A Pebble On The Stalk
And Like A Dot Among The Leaves
The Budding Lump Sits Still
Through The Scorching Heat Of The Day
And Its Dusty Dryness
Through The Chilly Winds Of The Night 
And Its Soothing Dew Fall

The Holding Stalk The Chord Of Life
Holding Above The Earth
Holding In Faith And In Place
Daily Nurturing With Sap
Daily Stuffing With Substance
Unto Increase And Growth
And As The Bud Daily Bulges
The Sheath Starts To Strain And Stress

A Travailing And In Painful Stretch Swing The Winds 
As The Wind Swings The Stalk
And Suddenly In The Midst Of The Chilly Night
A Popping Sound, An Exposition
The Bud Bursts Open To Life
Tearing Apart The Limits By The Sheath
Stretching And Unfolding
Pushing And Pulling 
Outstretched Hands In The Air
An Array Of Colours And Shapes 
Daintily Hanging In The Air
A Captivating Fragrance!
What A Manifestation Of Radiant Glory!

Waiting For The Morning To See


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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