PP3.11 – Dusty trail

Dust Begat Dust
Much Earthly Throdding, Begat More Dust
Stampeding Feet Upon The Earth
Clouds And Clouds Dust Over The Land
Veiling The Eyes 
And Soiling The Feet
A Trail Throdden For Ease

And Patterned For Crowd And Noise                       
A Mammoth So Ruled By The Mammon
So Much Flexing Of Vain Muscles
No One Cares A Little To Share
Every Portion, Must By Tussle, Be Won
Endless Dirty, Sweaty Struggles

For Crowns Fished From Muddy Waters
Like The Dry Slaughter Slab
They Thirst For Each Other’s Blood
And Like The Dry Well
They Thirst For Each Other’s Sweat

Prided In Long Inventories Of Inventions
Given To Soliloquizing In Philosophy
Celebrations All Day For Technology
Better Ways Always, To Ease The Way
But Waterless Clouds Hang Over
In Gloom Of Pervading Dryness
Crawling And Groping
In A Dark Tunnel Of Times

Tired Legs All,
So Craggy, So Feeble
Beaten Feet, So Dusty
Heavy Ladden So, With Clay
Fainting Cries Of The Feint
Ignorant, Foolish And Proud
Deceived To The Very End

An Endless Spell In Death


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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