PP3.12 – Show me to me


One Revelation
Oh Lord, I Now Desire
Showing Me To Me
By The Way Of The Truth
By The Way Of The Light
Let Your Testimony Judge My Soul
Cause Your Light To Expose Me
Against The Mirror Of You

Let Your Light Permeate My Soul
The Shallow Emptiness Of My Mind
And The Vanities Of Its Folly
The Lustfulness In My Desires
And The Deception In Their Values
The Corruption In My Emotions
And The Haughtiness Of Their Natures
Cause Your Mirror, Your Testimony

To Reveal And To Display
Let Them All Be Judged
Not In Thy Wrath, O Lord
Lest I Be Consumed
But In Your Compassionate Mercy
That I May Now Truly Believe
Convicting My Sinful Soul, To Repent
Stretch Forth Your Hands, O Lord
That I May Again Cling To Live 
Leading Me On Far Beyond Me
Showing Me Vividly, The Pattern
Bringing Me Into The Path

Leading Me Through The Dimensions Of Its Forms
The Length, The Breadth And The Depths
The Ancient And The Sacred
The Awesome And The Fearsome
That I May Have Knowledge And Wisdom
Patience And Meekness
To  Daily In Peace
In Thy Glorious Presence Stand


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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