PP3.13 – Everlasting reward

A Rickety Limping Boat
Afloat Sitting Upon The Sea
Farther Away Still, From Sight
In Solitary Solitude, It Sat
Empty And Devoid Of Cargo
It Sat, Its Mast Broken And Spent
With No Sail To Harness The Wind
Like A Lame Duck, It Sat Still
Steadily Rocking To The Waves

A Little To The Left
And Yet A Little To The Right
Then Came The Silent Tides
Lifting It A Little Up
And Shifting It, A Little Down
The Storms Came
Tossing It Violently Above The Waves
And Tucking It In Disdane Below The Waters
Battered And Tattered, The Boat Remained
It Remained In Place And Afloat
A Silvery Anchorage Through The Abyss

To The Crust Of Solid Rock
By The Horizon Far To The North
The Merchant Ships Noisily Merried
And By The Horizon To The South
The Pirate Ships, Viciously Cursed
The Sun Silently And Steadily Shone
Daily Rising From The Distant East
Only To Set In The Distant West
Tracking Time And Counting Days
The Winds Blew Over The Waters
Gathering Moist And Forming Clouds
Tracking Time And Seasons
Yet The Boat Remained

Afloat, Anchored Not Dismayed
Then The Skies Began To Roll Away
The Moon And The Stars Began To Receed
The Sun And Its Light Were Withdrawn
The Days And The Night Disappeared
Times And Seasons Came To Cease
As The Rock Rose Up From Beneath The Waters
Lifting The Boat Unto Dry Ground

The Merchant Ships
And The Pirate Ships,
Swallowed Up In Judgment
A Radiant Glory Descending
Everlasting Reward
To The Faithful
And To The Steadfast
And Unto Rest


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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