PP4.01 – Slipping Away

With The Ease Of An Eel 
The Prodigal Son Wriggles Away
Out Of The Grip Of Grace
Out Of The Sure Steady Pace
Out Of The Golden Path 
The Path Of Righteousness
Down Into The Muddy Waters Of Sin
He Found His Own Ways

Among The Grooves
Swimming In The Brackish Waters Of Sin
Of Entangling Mass Of Roots
Trapped Away From The Truth
The Light Of The Hour
The Burden Of The House 
In A Temptous Pull Of Lust
A Bate, Good Only For The Fool
The Eye And The Flesh, In Lust
So Proud And Blind To See Again 
The Golden Path Of Life
Where The First Love Brews

Potent And Pure



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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