PP4.02 – The Maggots

The Longing, The Yearning Of The Soul
A King To Crown, A Crown To Wear
Recognition, Head Above Board
To Rule The Hearts
Yeah, To Rule Even The Earth!
The Corruption In The Fall
A Putrefying Stench Of Death
Decaying Eternally Into Nothingness

Yet Boastful, So Boastful
Beating The Chest, To Drum Up The Beats
Songs Of The Delinquent Pride  
The Calculated Dance Steps 
Those That Cause Men To Celebrate
To Glory In Stolen Acclaim
The Despair Of The Living Dead
So Naked In A Garment Of Shame 
A Decaying Mass Of Flesh
The Stench Of Death

As Maggots Dig Deeper Into Flesh
What A Mighty Fall!
As The Mouth Opens Ajar And Awash
With The Immodest And The Vain
The Foul And The Corrupt
That In A Sudden Defiant Leap 
A Blinded Fall, Into A Yawning Gorge 
Now, Let All Hearing Ears 
Hear The Truth Of All Times
That All Glory Indeed

To God Alone Belong



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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