PP4.03 – Kleptomaniacs All!

Limitless Riddle
The Mystery Of The Heart
That Of The Base And Decadent
Unimaginable Platform
Unto Untold Wickedness
The Plundering And Scattering
Mark Of The Draconian Trio
Where Milk Of Kindness
Has Awfully Dried Out
And Source Of Reason
Lost To Seasons Of Irrationality
Selfish, Lustful And Covetous
Deceptive And Full Of Lies
Acrimonious, In Perversion
What Animal So Evident In Man
Ever So Ready
Yet For No Reasons
To Steal, Kill And Destroy
To Plunder Asunder
The Angels Of Satan
Let Loose To Destroy

The Good Works Of Labour
Seasons Of Diligent Gathering
Kleptomaniacs All !
Can You See, What I Saw?
A Sea Of Heads
Those Of Witnesses
Headless And Wigless
Yes! False Witnesses
Those Ready For A Fee
To Lie And Die
Just To Despise Justice
To Hide The Truth
Under The Rubbles
Of Collapsed Values
Further, Far Away
A Deadly Complicity

Shameless, With No Conscience
Docility Seated So Highly
Upon The Bench Of Justice
A Frustration To The Peace
A Laughable Stock
So Scornfully Set
But One Thing So Clear
The Wicked Shall Not
Go Away Unrewarded
Of His Iniquitous Indignity
For Surely, As Established
From The Beginning
There Is A God In Heaven
That Daily Rules
In The Affairs Of Men



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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