PP4.04 – The Lord’s Whip

A Little Here
And Yet A Little There
A Mixed Grill Of A Sort
A Little Flight 
Soaring So High In The Heavens
Then A Sudden Plunging Dive 
Down From The Heights
In A Loud Soulish Frenzy 
Of Clapping, Singing And Drumming
A Trickle Of Prayers, Here And There 
Then An Interlude
A Little Launch   
Into A Spate Of Trading

Fine Merchandise For Ready Buyers
A Public Display 
That of Little Niceties
Recognitions And Innuendos
A Whirlpool Of Activities
Then Came The Word
The Word Of GOD !

So Delivered By Flipping Lips
The Voice Of The Hireling
Reminisces, Preambles 
Antecedents Along Memory Lanes 
Eulogies To Personalities
Some Preaching And Drilling 
Then A Little Theatherics And Stagecraft
With Perfect Costume To Match

All In The Porch ! 
And Of The Watching Multitude 
Down The Aisle
A Little Dozing Here,
And A Little Snoring There
Pockets Of Dreams Inside Of Dreams
Whimperings And Pamperings
Jaws Busy At Bubbling Gums
Time To While Away

So Many Sighs Of Relief
As The Word Finally Coasted Home
A Short Prayer
Yet Another Interlude
Armful Time For The Cheerful Givers
Encouragements And Encomiums 
Another Round Of Dancing And Drumming
As The Cheerful Filed Out
To Dip Their Offerings Cheerfully
Then The Closing Prayers
And ….It Was All Over ! 

Could It Really Have Been Over ?
Not With The Genesis 
Of Yet Another Stanza 
Of Back Slapping And Banters
Appointments And Dealings
Exchanges Of Contacts For Contracts
Linkages For Collaboration
Strategies For Placements And Catchments
Perfect Affiliation Platform For Trading
All Agog Awake And Alert !
Suffering Not About The Times

And As The Lord Came Down
From Upon Mount Olives
He Looked Down Upon The City 
Upon Jerusalem In Lamentation
Two Millenia And Ten Later 
Can This Indeed Be Called
The City Of God ?
The FATHER’S House Of Prayer ?
But For Zion’s Sake
And For The Perfection Of Jerusalem

Where Is The Lord’s Whip ?

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