PP4.05 – The Holy Seed

Given Of God In Mercy
The Word And The Promise
In His Redemptive Will
A Token Of The Godhead
Was To The World Given
For God’s Entire Creation
Prophesised By The Prophets
And Announced By The Angel
The Holy Seed Of God

Was Sown In Perfect Purity
Inside The Undefiled Womb
Of A Faithful Virgin
Conceived Of The Holy Spirit
God Took The Form Of Man
In A Material Body
He Broke The Matrix
In A Humble Birth
Yet Of Noble Lineage

He Was Revealed Only To A Few
The Very Few Survivors 
Of The Preceeding Long Night
His Circumcision Fulfilled The Law
Even As His Up-Bringing
Fulfilled Jewry
Heavenly Jealousy
Overshadowed The Infant
Preserving Him 
From Human Predators

A Nazarene Unto God
He Was From Childhood
A Carpenter’s Ward
He Became The Carpenter
To Overturn Ageless Ruins
A Forerunner Prepared His Way 
And The  Hearts Of Men
To Believe And Receive Him
Unto Salvation And Redemption

With The Dove’s Descent
The Heavens Openly Declared Him
With Power And Authority 
The Devil Resisted Him And Lost
And From The Temple s Porches
To Israel He Announced
To The Chagrin Of The Lettered
The Fulfillment Of The Scriptures In Him

A Love Gift From God To Man
To Destroy Deceit, Sin And Death
And Establish The Truth,
Righteousness And Eternal Life
Among Men On Earth
Calling Out Of The Saints
Into A Perfect Spiritual Body
Unto God To Dwell In
The Body, His Church
Shall By His Spirit 
Cover The Earth With Glory
A New Earth, Where God Alone

Rule As King


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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