PP4.06 – The Return


A Careless Short Step 
From The Spirit Into Flesh
Basking In The Glory
That Of The Formation Sixth Day
Man Wandered Away 
Astray From His Place, His Land
In Lust Down, The Pisson
After Havila’s Riches
Away From The VOICE 
And The Divine Purpose 
Away Also From The Woman
The Weaker Vessel Of His Essence

Him That Brought Woe
To The Earth That Once Was
Possessed And Defiled The Beast 
The Beast Beguiled The Woman 
To Stall The Final Process 
Unto Fullness In Creation Plan
At The Brink Of Entry
Into The Seventh Day
The Sabath Of The Lord
The Perfect Man In God’s Likeness
Forever Living And Ruling On Earth 
But For Willful Disobedience
Divine Mercy In Judgment 
Before Creation Was To Be 
Atonement Made Ahead 
For Sin And Death
As The Lamb Was Slain
Pouring Forth Life, A Ransome
A Covenant Of Life Eternal 
Witnessed Of The Word And The Spirit
The Reconciliation Of The Father
With Man, The Image

Even As The Prophets Foretold
Conceived Of The Spirit
And Revealed By The Spirit
A Child Of Humble Birth
Announced From The East
First To The Watchers
Light In The Night’s Darkest Hour 
God In The Form Of Man, 
Came, To Reveal The Light 
To Show Man The Way
In His Return, Back To God

Restoration To Glory!



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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