PP4.07 – Beyond The Clouds

Beyond The Limits, So Vivid
Beyond The Misty Clouds
Gliding Hazily Across The Sky 
The Sun, Daily Shines Forth
Filtering Through The Web 
That Of The Fingers Of God
Silently Putting Together, 

The Strings, The Threads Of Life
Weaving Nature’s Fabric
Upon The Green Fields
And Upon The Waters
Creating To Increase
Beyond The Limits,
Of Man’s Visual Spectrum 
Beyond The Blanket 
Of Nightly Darkness

The Moon, Blooms Forth
Directing The Tides
And The Glittering Stars 
Together They Shine Light
The Probing Eye Of God
Filtering The Dreadful Night 
Of Pervading Owls
And Ravaging Foxes
Of Consuming Pits 

And Obstructing Stumps
Silently Guarding Troubled Paths
Gently Guiding Stumbling Feet 
Away From Fall

Beyond The Limits
Of The Distant Horizon
And The Endless Dusty Trails
The Whirlwind Among The Dunes
And The Deceitful Mirages 
All Of The Deserts Of Life
The Gentle, Comforting Strokes 
Of His Salvaging Fingers
Well Up Compassion Springs  
By The Seasons, To Soothen
First By The Dew, Then The Rains
In Astounding Deluge
A Flowing River In The Desert !

Beyond The Limits
Of The Stormy Waters 
And The Tempestuous Sea
Are Stacked Away, Preserved
Ageless Wrecks And Ruins 
In The Hidden Hollows 
Of The Piscean Depths
But Never Beyond 
The Moulding Hands Of God 
In Providence For Man
Piling Treasures Upon Treasures
Layers Upon Layers 
Ahead, In Trust

For Generations Unborn



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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