PP4.08 – Princes On Horses

If Wishes Were To Be Horses 
The Fools Would Gladly Ride
But Wishes Would Never Have Been Horses
For A Soulish Fermentation Of Thoughts
Wishes Are As Vapour
So Amorphous And Ephemeral 
To Be Tangibly True
Princes May Have Wishes 
They Neither, On Them

Do Ride Nor Pride
Princes May Be 
As Meek As The Sheep
Appearing So Ordinary
Taken For The Foolish Mule
Ever Ready As The Donkey
To Be Driven And Ridden  
Yet, Princes Are Sons
Sons Indeed, Of The Father 
Worn And Torn, Yet Enduring
Pressed And Stressed
Battered And Beaten  
Yet Remain Unscathed

In Grace, So Endowed 
To Tarry As They Wade
Through The Tides Of Times
Wheels Inside The Wheel
Saintly Hopes Against Hopes 
Sons Breaking Forth,  
Heirs Of The Father On Earth
Primes, All In Glory
Primes Now On Horses 
Riding Valiantly 
All Across The Earth

Forever, To Rule



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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