PP4.09 – … In His Vine Yard

A Token In Creation
That Of Perfection In Beauty
 An Assemblage Of Vines
Plantings Of The Lord
Unto Fulfilling Fruitfulness 
The Workmanship Of His Hands 
The Planter In The Father
He Made Plantings Husbandmen
Plantings Watching Over Plantings 
Working For The Father
Yet Walking With The Father
As They Dwell Within The Father
All Tools In His Hands
To Till And To Dress
To Trim And To Cut
Daily Tending Unto Growth
Under The Watchful Eye 
Of The Father

Who In The Cool Of The Day,
In Pleasant Strides,
Makes Rounds Through, 
In Love, To Teach, To Task
Unto Perfect Yield
In Seasons Of Draught
And In Times Of Plague 
Restoration Breeze Blew Forth
When The Zeal Was Lowest
As The Famine Bit Hardest

When The Vision
Turned Cloudy And Clumsy
Broken Breaches Were Mended
Disorders Re-ordered 
As The Lord’s Vineyard
Restores Unto Perfect Life
Now, Let All,
The Plantings Of The Lord
Shift Not Away
From Their Places

In The Will Of The Father
To Daily Keep And Tend
Watching And Waiting
Abiding Faithfully So
For The Harvest To Ripe
And Awaiting Patiently So
For The Working Of The Harvest
To The Father’s Good Pleasure


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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