PP4.10 – Thine Kingdom Come


Thine Kingdom Oh Lord Is Come
The Old Is Rolling Past
For Ajar Now Is The Door
To Receive That Which Is New 
So, Lift Up Thine Heads
O Ye Everlasting Gates
For The Kingdom Of God Is Come

As Prophecies Are Being Fulfilled
Knowledge Is Increased Upon The Earth
Rumors And Tumors  Of War Assail
The Cacophony Of  Deprivation And Desolation
Despair Of Strange Plagues And Diseases
Ravaging Winds, waves And Floods
Holes In The Sky, Global Warming

As Devastating Deserts Encroach
And Yet Morne Floods Upon The Earth
Submerging Earthquakes And Fiery Volcanoes
A Sordid Announcement
That Of The Day Of The Lord
When The Bands Shall Afflict

And The Arrogant With The Proud
Are Now Being Judged
Even As The Testimonies
Of Men And Nations Are Failing
Global Economies Are Crumbling
Even As The Very Foundations  
Of Religions Are Sinking

Established Social Theories
Can No Longer Hold
As Bestiality In Man Increased
Terrorism Like Wildfire
Burn, Kill And Destroy Worldwide
Now Suffering, In Panic And Pains
Creation Groan Mournfully For Change

Now, The Still Voice, Whispers
Loud And Clear, To The Hearing Ears   
Of The Quiet, Listening Saints
Who Have Received The Sealing
Ready And Available To Obey
Unto Consecration And Separation
‘Escape Ye To The Mountains……..’
Unto His Holy Hills 

Far Away From The Carnage
‘Be In My Spirit……And Remain Therein’
‘These Words That I Speak Unto You……
They Are Spirit And Life’
‘…..Meditate Therein Day And Night……’
‘I Give Unto You My Peace……
Beyond All Understanding’
‘I Will Not Leave Thee Comfortless…’
‘….Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth …’
‘I Give You Power To Tread…’
‘Ye Are More Than Conquerous…’
‘Ye Shall Decree A Thing On Earth
‘Ye Shall Rule With Me….As Joint Heirs…’
‘Know Ye Not That Ye Are Gods ?’
‘My Kingdom Is Not Of This World…’
‘Yeah, Thou Saith It For This Reason 
Is The Son Of Man Come To Be King …..’
‘My Kingdom Shall Be Established 
In Your Hearts…..’
‘And I Saw A New Jerusalem
Descended From Heaven…’
A Welling Up Of Joy 
Upon The Earth, For The Waiting 
Thine Kingdom Come, O Lord
The Righteousness Of God
Ruling The Hearts Of Men
Ruling The New Earth
Perfect God In Perfect Men
A Restful Union
Of The Lord’s Sabath


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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