PP4.11 – Unto The Fathers

Unto You, Who Have Been Chosen
And Found Faithful In Your Calling
Plantings Of The Most High
As Fathers To This House
Nurtured In His Hands Unto Life, 
And Watered Unto Growth And Strength
By The Ever Flowing River,
Springing Forth From The Throne
Now Mighty Trees Unto Fruitfulness
Arrayed So To Stand
In Places Of Honour

Within The Lord’s Vineyard

Daily Be Mindful
Of His High Calling
In A Life Time Service 
Unto The Lord
To Remain And To Abide
In Faith And In Hope
Believing To Trust And To Hold
Him That Has Called You All
Unto This Redemptive Work
Unto Life From The Dead
Let Nothing Vile
Be Found In Your Midst
Be Of One Spirit

That Of The One Heavenly FATHER
Create And Give No Room
For Divisions Among You
As You Daily Flock Together
In The Love Of The FATHER
Glowing In The Testimony
That Of His Righteousness 
Let Your Zeal For The House
Yield Not To Selfish Leanings
But To One Another, Yield

Let Not Neither The Vagaries 
Of The Decadent Flesh
Nor That Of The Turbulent Soul
Rob Your Blessed Company
Of The Fruits Of The Spirit
For Your Work Must Be Pure 
Even As The FATHERS’S Purpose

For You, Is Pure
And Yet Unto The Fathers
The Twelve Pillars In Places
To Hold This Mighty House In Place
May Your Branches Spread Forth In Service
May Your Foliage Blossom 
Into Shades Of Comfort
And Your Fruits Be Bountiful
Just As Justice And Truth Walk Amongst You
Not Bickering And Mockery 
That Famine May Cease Amongst You
Let The Strong Lift Up The Weak 
In The Love Of The FATHER
That The Sad May Again Find Joy 
That This Work’s Seeming Obscurity 
Might Receive The Father’s Glory

To Transform Into Global Limelight
At The Father’s Nodding Acknowledgment  
Even As You Continue 
To Flock Together 
As One Undivided House
In The Very Light
Of The Present Truth



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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