PP4.12 – Six Formation Days

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From The Ruins 
Of The Earth That Once Was
The Spirit Of The Lord
In Six Pleasurable Creation Days
And Out Of A Limitless Realm
Fashioned Out, A New Creation 

Self Generating 
And Ever Increasing
From The Inanimate
To That Which Expounds Life
From The Intrinsic To That Which Is Ephemeral 
From The Heavenlies, In Its Timelessness
To The Depths Of Waters, That Cover The Sea
By The Intricate Knitting Of His Fingers
He Wove Life Across The Firmament 
Through Land And Yet Across The Deep Sea
A Fulfilling Time, In Six Creation Days
The Sixth Day, A Crowning Glory

For The Creation Man,
Created To Rule Over All
All That Were Created Before Him
Even Above All Yet To Be, 
A Pleasure To The Creator 
But A Disdain To Him
That Once, In His Shameless Fall
Brought Woe Upon The Earth
The Seventh Day! 
A Fulfilling Rest, Unto God !
And Yet In Six Formation Days
He Gave Form, Life And Purpose
To That Which Was Created
By The Intricate Workings
Of His Hands, Spirit And Voice
To The Man, His Creation
After His Own Image, He Gave Form
To A Mould Of Earth
That He Might Replicate Himself
God, In An Earthen Vessel !
A Perfect Primordial Tabernacle !
For The Creation Man To Dwell In
What A Pleasant First Formation Day!
To The Form, He Gave His Breathe
He Gave It The Breath Of Life

To The Inanimate Earthen Form, He Gave A Soul
A Personality, An Identity
A Consciousness, A Conscience 
A Volition, A Free Will
To The Form, He Gave Also 
The Human Spirit 
And The Form Received Power To Live
What A Lively Second Formation Day 
To The Man That He Had Formed
He Purposed A Life Of Service 
Duty And Resource
He Prepared Him 
With Grace And Skills
He Located Him
On His Field, His Own Land
To Work And Tend
To Explore With Liberty
A Perfect Placement,
A Grandeur To Behold
The Third Formation Day
Of His Free Will 
The Man Built Himself An Altar 
And As The Lord Communed 
In The Cool Of The Day   
He Gave The Man 

The Revelation Of Himself
He Taught The Man To Walk Perfect
With His Creator,
In That Revelation Knowledge
Preserved In Communion And Obedience
Sealed Within The Covenant  
It Was The Fourth Day In Formation
Beyond His Glorious Walk 
The Lord Taught The Man To Work Perfect
Together With His Creator

In Divine Wisdom
In Intuitive Power And Grace
He Received Dominion
Over All That Was Created
To Rule And To Judge
God Manifestation Of God On Earth 
In Man, His Workmanship
What A Fulfilling Fifth Formation Day
The Culmination Of All Things
The Completion Of That 
Which Was Initiated

In The Formation Of Man
According To God’s Creation Plan
Forming The Female
Out Of The Incomplete Male
Together, As Wholesome Man
Manifesting God In Dominion
The Sixth Formation Day!
The Perfect Walk
Unto Perfect Work
Guided By God

The Implicit Free Will Offering
The Maturing Of The Image
Unto HIS Likeness
And Unto The Perfect Man
A Reserved Union In Perfection
Drawn Into HIS Holiness
By The Way Of The Tree Of Life
Into The LORD’s Rest, HIS Sabbath
That Of The Seventh Day


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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