PP5.02 – To You, My Son

heaven (1)To You My Son
Do I Owe This Singular Gift
A Precious Life Gift Of The Spirit
Indeed A Pure Love Gift Of The Heart
From The Father To His Son
At This Crucial Milestone On Your Path
Keep It And Guard It Jealously
For A Nugget Of Divine Truth It Is
And So Shall It Be  To You 
All The Way And All Your Days
A  Race Baton Also It Is
That You Will Hand  Over 
In Your Own Words
And In Your Own Time
To Your Own Son , My Grandson
As Appointed Of The Lord

You Had So Desired For Yourself , A Wife
Even  At The Prime Of Your Youth
Very Little Did You Tell Me Of Your Mind
But The Heavens Revealed To Me
The Considered Missing Gaps
The Well Of  Your Affections And Passions
The Root At The Very Depth Of Your Desire
A Matured Little Tree With Sap
Yet Standing As A Tender Shoot
Tenaciously Seeking Light To  Grow 

To Green Out And Bloom 
Yet Seeking Shade And Dew
To Soothen The Scorching Heat Of The Day
The Complimenting Fulfillment In The Woman
With Whom To Run The Race
For The Rest Of Your Earthly Sojourn
A Choice, Your Very Choice Was Made 
As The Bearing Was Set 
For Your Common Path

The Husbandman You Are, Take Immediate Charge
With All The Godly Graces 
Already Deposited In You
Groom The Garden,
Rid Her Of Weeds And Pests
Diligently Do Trim Off Her
All Inordinate Shoots From Her Branches
Dutifully Build A Hedge Around Her
Teach, Train And Add To Her Virtues
Then Step Back And Watch Her Blossom 
Into Many Fruitful Colours  And Fragrances 
Carefully Study Her To Discover Her
Of Her Terrain ,Have A Good Knowledge
To Proudly Possess Her As Your Own
But Remember, You Must First Re Discover Yourself

I Know Your Deep Regard For The Intellect 
And The Invisibility Of Its Powers
But I Warn You Again Of Its Sublimity And Treachery
Of The Flesh, It Is Subject To Corruption And Decay
Beware Also Of The Traditions Of Men
For They Are Slippery To Your Walk
Rather, Depend Entirely On The Holy Spirit  Of God
He Is A Truthful Precise
And Divine 
He Will Turn Your Natural Strengths 
Into  Mere Working Tools
Purposeful Tools For The Master s Use
Not Wavering ,Be Firm And Resolute On All Matters
Shun Idleness As You Occupy 
Every Day Of Your Life Fully
The Indolent Is Ever Flat Footed
Be Diligent And Ever Ready
Indulge Yourself Not In  Unhealthy Opulence
It Certainly Is Not Good For Your Soul
Travel Light And Be Quick In Your Spirit
Be Very Prudent With Your Words And Substance
Yet Be Available And Charitable To All
In The Midst Of Conflicts And Divisions,
Be Amiable And At Peace With All
Flock Only With Those That Are Of  The Spirit
Submit To Godly Graces In Men
But Let  No Man Take Away From You
Honour And Worship Due To The Almighty
Stand Firm As You Diligently Watch 
Over  The Limits Of Your Household

Establish Yourself In Leadership And Responsibility
Tenderly Rule Over Your Wife
To Win Her Ready Support,
Confidence And Respect
Raise Your Children As Godly Seeds
Continually Feed Them With The Word By The Spirit
Girdle Them Round About  
With Chastity And Love

Be To Them A Veritable Example
Remember  My Earlier Charge  To You On Patience
Patience Will Ascribe On You 
The Noble Spirit Of The Shepherd
A Tool To Tend Your Fold With
It Will Teach You How To Wait In Peace

Part Of Gods Creation ,They All Are,
For You To Productively Harness
A Ruler You Are, Rule Over Them  With Understanding

They Will Only Respond To Support Your Life
Be Civil To Your Neighbours
And Be At Peace

Judiciously Weigh Your Actions In Their Midst
To Thrive, Strive With No Man
To Your Peers Be Humble
To Those That You Render Services,
Always Give Honour
As You Submit Readily

And To Your Sub Ordinates, Be Meek
Learn To Accommodate And Be Tolerant
For The Sake OF Whose Testimony You Bear
And For The Sake Of Whose Seed Of Righteousness
Is Deeply In Planted In You

May The Lord s Mighty Hands
Rest Upon You
May His Presence Continually Cover You
May The Lord Bless You And Keep You
May He Be Gracious Unto You
And May His Countenance Be Over You 



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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