PP5.03 – The Call, The Walk And The Work

The  Call Was Made To All
That Were With God In Heaven
Only One , The Son , Heeded The Call
 In Meekness And Obedience
In Love To The Will  Of The Father 
As The Lamb Was Slain
Guiltless But As Ransom
For The Guilty On Earth, To Live

And There Were Yet Calls 
Unto Men Of Many Generations
Separated As Sacred Tools 
Away From Roots And Kindred
In Solemn Consecration
First To Separate A Nation 
Unto God By Covenant
Then To Prepare Their Hearts
Heralding The Coming
That Of The Lamb Of God
In The Fleshly Cloak Of Man  
Who Was Born Immaculate
The Son Of Man
Baptized  Of Water By Man
And The Son Of God
Declared By The Heavens To Man

He Received Power From Above
To Do The Redemptive Will
Of The Father
A Nazarene Of No Known Abode
Yet He Sat Upon The Throne
Of No Material Possession
Yet He Owns All Things
Driven Of The Wind Of The Spirit
He Drifted From Coast To Coast
Threaded  Through The Wilderness
And Climbed Unto Mountain Tops
Out Of Jewry, Sam aria And Canaan
He Called Out The Twelve
From Their Roots Severed
He Healed Their Minds
Wherever He Went, They Followed
To Them He Became The Patterns
He Taught Them To Wait
Even As He Tarried
Before The Father  
He Taught Them To Hear From Him
Even As He Daily Hears From The Father
He Taught Them Obedience
Even As He Obeyed The Father Unto Death 
He Taught Them To Commune
And Flock Together In One Spirit
Even As He Communed In The Godhead
With The FATHER And The Holy Spirit
He Taught Them Lowliness And Humility
Even As He Submitted Daily To The Father
He Proved Them First
Then To Them He Gave Power
To Undo The Devil s Wickedness On Earth
Even As He Received Power
From The Father In Heaven
To Destroy On Earth
The Works Of The Devil
He Sent Them And They Overcame
Even As He Was Sent By The Father
And He Overcame The World

When In Human Flesh
His Work Was Finished
He Returned To The Father
But In The Love Of The Father
Sent Them The Holy Spirit
To Continually Guide Their Walk
Unto Perfection
As They Increase Daily
In Number And Walk Steadfastly
Towards The Perfect Testimony
That Of The Father
Holding On  To The  Purpose
Of Their Calling Unto Perfect Work
For How Could  Perfect Work
Come Forth From Imperfect Walk
Nor An Imperfect Walk Enjoy Divine Presence

To Every Man That Live Is A Call
And To Every Man That Heeded And Yielded
Believed Unto Salvation Through The Son
Whose Singular Ministry Offers  Us All 
A Common But Perfect Foundation 
Through Diverse Graces
Freely Distributed Among us
To Build Upon Through Perfect Works
Till This Third Temple Is Fully Built
Which Perfect Glory

Is The Hope Of Our Calling



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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