PP5.04 – The Acclaim Of Men

The Indignant Short Strides
The Thrusting Chest
And The Arrogant Display
That Of Feathery Colours
And The Well Rehearsed Voice
In Arrant Soprano

Await The Avian Applause
From The Gallery In The Sky
For The Peacock, So Elegant
But With The Rainbow In The Sky
The Drizzling Rain
And The Scorching Sun
Birds That Fly, Dessert The Sky
What An Empty Gallery
For An Outstanding Performance !

Now , With Drooping Shoulders
And Lowered Feathers Feathers
The Peacock Mournfully Perched
Unsung, In Lost Acclaim

The Soul Of Man Is Vain
Empty , Yet So Full
Daily Nourished Fat
By The Stale Milk Of  Pride
For Himself He Built A Castle
A Castle In The Sky
Which Foundation Rests
Upon The Clouds
Far Above The Mountains
Daily, He Swims Pleasurably, illusion
In The Ocean Of Illusion
Daily , He Walks So Proudly Through
His Garden Of Edom
Shoulders Edged Above Others

As No One Else Can Be Fairer
For Every Trophy
There Is A Struggle
Raising The Dust Of Trouble
Profusely Labouring
His Cluster  Of Ambitions
And Like The Baboon
He Regularly Beats His Chest
Like  The Samba
In Self Delusion
He Daily Displays His Spoils
At Vantage For All To See
And From The Castle Heights ,
He Stoops Down To See
Only The Sea Of Deprivation

He Looks Far Into Space, To See
Only The Land Of Desolation
Bordered By The Mirages Of Life
He Finally Looks Up, To See
Nothing But Dark Clouds In The Sky
Alone And Aloof
His Soul Cringes For The Crowd
As His Ego Hungrily Yearns
For The Ovation Of Witnesses
The Acclaim Of Men

But Of Him That Found Mercy
A Ladder Of Escape Is Given
To Depart The Pit Of Anguish
Where Flesh Rules Over All Things
And Yet To Him Is Another Ladder Given
To Freely Access The Heavens
Where Only The Spirit Rules
Where Also  Abound The Fruit Of Life
Partaken To Renew  The Soul
Into The Pure Revelation
Of  The Truth Of Life
From The Giver Of All Lives
Devoid Of Greed And Clamour
To Provide Man With The True Life
Daily Ascending To Receive
And Descending To Give
Selflessly In Love

To Heavens Silent Acclaim



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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