PP5.05 – The Stumbling Stump


A Lonely Path Through The Land
Sparsely Grown But Littered Over
Decaying Leaves Robed The Mounds
Scattering, Once In The While
As The Wind Begin To Blow
Across, To And Fro

The Early Wayfarer Came At Dawn
Swiftly Threading The Path
And Missing His Steps
Stumbled Forward 
Raising The Dust
He Struggled To His Feet
And Staggered Away
Off The Tract

At Noon, The Sun Was High
Very High In The Sky
And With So Scorching Heat
The Breeze Would Not Blow
To Cool And To Dry
The Oily And The Sweaty Faces
Even As He Stepped Up And On
Of Vigour And Strength
And The Glamour Of His Youthfulness
Radiated The Sun All Around Him
The Noon Wayfarer 
Stamped His Feet Along With Confidence
Encumbered With So Many Goods
Strapped All Over Him
And As He Took Yet Another Step
He Came Crumbling Down
Prostrate Across The Path
His Pile Of Goods Scattered 
Around And About Him
In A Cloud Of Dust 
Valiantly ,He Attempted To Rise
But His Broken Bones Filed Him

As The Sun Began To Set 
And The Dusk Began To Beckon
The Evening Wayfarer 
In A Feebe Frame
Balanced On A Walking Stick
Limped Into Focus Along The Path
He Took An Unsteady Step
Against A Stumbling Stump
Hidden Within The Mounds
Of Decaying Leaves

He Fell Forward 
With No Strength Of His Own 
To Rise On His Feet
The Night Dropped On Him
As A Twilight Blanket
As His Spirit Found Quietness
He Fell Into A Deep Sleep
And Had A Dream

The Stumbling Stump
Was Of A One Time Flourishing Tree
It Stood Prominent Along The Path
Daily Ministering To Many
It Brought Forth Its Fruits
Duly In Season

Its Numerous Branches, He  
Avail The Birds To Perch
And Its Lushful Leaves
Offered Shade Also To Many
Then At The Dusk Of The Last Day
Of The Second Season
A Foul  Bird Flew In And Perched
It Kept The Night On The Branches
And At The Dawn Of The Next Day
The Vulture Flew Away

Leaving Its Droppings On The Branches
In The Morning , The Hewer Came Calling
Severally, He Cut Savagely
At The Stout Trunk As It
The Tree Fell Defenseless 
Across The Path In A Cloud of Dust
The Hewer Cut And Gathered The Branches
For Firewood, He Carted Them Away
The Trunk, He Charred For Days
And Carted Away For Coal
For Days, The Stump Wept
Pouring Tears Of Sap On The Path
It Dried Up And As It Began To Rot
Then Mushroom Began To Sprout
Even As Termites Ate Up The Roots

And Through The Long Night Fell The Dew
Upon The Stump, The Path
And The Fallen Wayfarer
Suddenly, The Heavens Tore Open
And The Shower Of Mercy Poured Forth
Upon The Stump, The Path  
And The Fallen Wayfarer
And As The Stream Of Life Began To Flow
Everything That Was Once Dead
Began To Receive The New Life
It Was First The Roots Within The Earth 
As They Began To Draw In Sap
Then A Green Shoot Sprang Forth  
Upon The Surface Of  The Earth
It Received Light ,And Behold
Within The Twinkling Of An Eyes And Leaves
The Former Tree That Once Stood
Was Restored, Trunk ,Branches And Leaves
And So Full Of Fruits
Then The Evening Wayfarer Woke Up 
To See The Morning Light
He Found Himself Under The Shade
That Of A Wholesome Tree 
So Full Of Fruits
He Turned His Head Around To See
He Found Himself In A New Robe
Of Fine Linen And Silk
He Reached For The Walking Stick
Attempting To Arise
Suddenly He Realized
That His Bones Were Healed
He Sprang Up On His Feet
And Threw Away The Stick
Freely Walking Around
He Reached Up And Plucked A Fruit
He Took A Bite And Behold
He Received At That Instant 
The Quickening Of The New Life
He Looked Ahead Of Him
Now He Had The Perfect Sight
Beyond The Horizon
In Ecstasy He Suddenly Jumped Up
Glory, Glory He Shouted

Something Good Has Happened To Me
Now I Can Walk Straight Again 
And Immediately Continued His journey
Along The Path 
Then He Heard A Voice Clearly
Blessed Is He Who Had Found Mercy

He Quickly Turned Back And Saw No One.
He Then Asked , In The Direction Of  The Voice
Who Art Thou , Lord 
I am The Lord Thy Resurrection
Thank You Lord But Where Art Thou 
By Your Side , Till The Very End
Thank You Lord, But What End
That Of Your Journey
My Journey, Lord 
Yes, Your Return Journey, Back  To The First Estate
But Why Lord, 
You Must Return , To Partake Of Eternal Life

Lord, Now  I Rejoice.



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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