PP5.06 – Joy


Joy Is Of The Lord
It Oozes Out As Water Fountain
Springing Forth From The Depths
From Rocky Crevices
It Does Not Pond

Rather , Like A River , He  Flows Forth
Blessing And Flourishing His Path
Joy Cannot Be Induced To Bear
Neither By The Nudging Of The Senses
Nor By The Wild Appeal Of The Soul
He Is A Gift Unadulterated From Above
A Gift Of The Spirit To Man
Joy Is As A Penetrating Fragrance
From A Garden Of Flowers
Carried By A Gentle Breeze
Pleasurably Filling The Nostrils
Of All Encountered Along Its Path
Ministering The True Essence Of Life
To  The Living  The Dying And The Dead
Joy Is Amiable And Available

Inductive But Never Resentful
He Is Neither Repulsive Nor Abrasive
A Bosom Brother He Is To Both Peace And Truth
They Never Part Company
Joy Rules Over Sorrow And Calamity
Equally He Rules Over Sadness Loss
In His Heart ,Joy Harbours No Regrets
His  Mouth Is Ever So Full
Of Unconditional Laughter And Praises
Praises And Worship Unto The Almighty
For Joy Thrives Exceedingly

Beyond Reality And Circumstance
And Even Beyond Opportunities
And Material Substance
But At The Eminent Presence 
Of  Belief, Faith And Hope
Lining Its Path With The Evidence
Of An Out Pouring Inner Spring 
Of An Ever Flowing Grace

And Ever Present Strength



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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