PP5.08 – Judge These Beasts

I Was In A Dream

But Was Conscious In The Spirit

And The Spirit Of The Lord Led Me

To The Peak Of A Rocky Hill

In The Midst Of A Vast Desolation

No Vegetation, No Habitation

Only Ruins On A Dusty Terrain

With Hanging Webs Dangling

Across The Ruins

The Wind Boisterously Blew Across

Raising Incessant Clouds Of Dust

As It Whistled Past

Then Came Out Of The Ruins

Two Embattled Men, Naked To Their Skin

Tussling And Wrestling

Hitting, Beating And Biting Each Other

In All Savagery

Letting Blood And Breaking Bones

Exhausted, One Of Them Fell Down

And Like A Beast,

The Other Fell Over Him,

Pulling At His Genital With The Teeth

He Bit And Cut It Off

And For A Moment

He Shewed And Pleasurably Swallowed


In Agonizing Pain The Victim Wallowed

In The Pool Of His Own Blood

And Gave Up The Ghost

Notwithstanding, The Living Wrapped His Body

Around That Of The Dead

And Using His Legs To Propel

He Skidded The Dead Body

Through The Rocks And Shrapnel

Bruising, Cutting And Tearing

Till It Became Just A Mass Of Flesh

He Got Off The Messy Mass

And Began To Dance And Shout

In A Strange Frenzy Of Bestiality

Then, Appeared In The Sky

And As They Began To Rove

Over The Sordid Scene

I woke Up From the Dream


With Little Understanding

But Much Trepidation Of Heart

The Burden Of The Dream

Weighed Me Down For Days

As I Probed In The Spirit

Then I Received Understanding

Of The Fouling And Defiling

Of The Annihilation And Desolation

Then A Swam Of Beast


Of The Land, This Land

Its Habitation By Demonic Spirits

That Haunt High Places

Turning Men Created Of God, Into Beasts

Then I Heard The Voice In My Spirit,

‘The Wickedness Of The Wicked

Shall Utterly Consume The Wicked

Of The Land, This Land.’


Judge These Beasts,


To Redeem The Land …..

I Received Grace To Believe

And To Obey

So, I Began To Judge The Beasts

For The Redemption Of The Land


This Land!



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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