PP6.01 – The Light

God Is Spirit
Robed In His Own LIGHT
An Indescribable Luminance 
Darting Power And Purity
Off His Eminent Essence
Self Existing, Self Originating 
Predating Time And Space
Eternal In Divine Sovereignty
And From His Essence 
Radiates The LIGHT Of His Countenance
The Perfect Revelation Of His Will
In Goodness And Mercy, 
Justice And Truth
God Gave Voice To His Will
He Spoke
And Brought Forth The Word
In Obedience, 
A Figment Of His Luminance
Darted Forth
And There Was LIGHT
The Voice Pronounced It
That The LIGHT Be Day
That Divine LIGHT
Be Spiritual Day
The Realm Of The Perfect
A Chip Of The Eternal Day
That Of His Presence

The LIGHT Found Darkness
Upon The Face Of The Deep
And The Voice Pronounced 
That The Darkness Be Night
Be Spiritual Night
The Realm Of The Imperfect
In Between The Day And The Night 
The Dawn Precedes The Morning
As The Twilight Precedes The Night
In Between The Day And The Night
The Morning And The Evening
God Established Time
As Spiritual Foundation
For Material Creation

It Was By The LIGHT
Day By Day 
That God Created All Things
The Sun, the Moon And The Stars 
With Their Own, Lights
Creations, Animate And Inanimate
In Perfect Harmony
But Sin, By Man
Caused Him To Depart
The Path Of The LIGHT
Sin Brought Darkness 
And Great Disharmony
To God’s Entire Creation

Yet In Mercy  
Has God Besought Man
By Way Of The LIGHT
Into The Darkened Hearts
Of Men Humble Enough
To Believe And Receive
To Them He Gave The Grace
Of Inner Revelation And Power
To Live And Walk
Outside Of Darkness And Sin
Driven By The Spirit Of God
Unto The Perfection Of God 
Enoch Received And Was Not
Noah Received And Lived
Abraham, Isaac And Jacob Received
They Lived And Walked With God
A Nation, They Yielded Unto God
Moses, In Meekness Received
To Lead That Nation
Out Of Bondage And Darkness
Yet The Nation Perished
Even With The Law
In The Wilderness Of Unbelief 
Joshua Received And Served
To Bring The Nations Remnant
Into A Covenanted Estate
By Which Other Nations
Shall Of The LIGHT Partake  
Yet They Sank Deeper 
In Utter Darkness
Of The Traditions Of Men
But To The Prophets Among Men 
The LIGHT Was Shone
They Received And Prophesied
For Generations, They Foretold
The LIGHT In-Dwelling 
Bodily Among Men
And At The Fulfillment Of Prophesy
The LIGHT Appeared As The Day Star
In The Sky

Leading The Three Wisemen, From The East  
To Pronounce The LIGHT To A People
In Darkness 
They Rejected The LIGHT 
For Darkness And Sin
But For As Many
As Would Now Encounter The LIGHT
Believe And Receive Him
He Covenanted Into The New Life
The LIGHT Of God In-Dwelling The Heart Of Men
Shall In Them Mortify Sin
And The Power Of Death
From Them Shall Recede
They Shall Be A Spiritual Body

A Body Of LIGHT 
To The Darkness Of The World
They Shall Walk Perfect 
They Shall Hear His Voice
They Shall Know His Will
They Shall Re-build The Earth
Upon A New Foundation 
Of The New Heavens Revealed 
They Shall Reveal The True Way
To God Creation To Thread
Back To The First Estate

The Tree Of Life



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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