PP6.02 – The In Dwelling

Consecration Call
Aloud Now And Clear
The In-Dwelling Trump Call
Separate From The Crowd 
 Away From The Noise
Far Away From Their Cacophony 
And Their Deadly Conflicts
Move Rather Inside, Deep Inside
Into The Secret Places
The Inner But Sacred Confines 
Within The Clefts Of The Rock
That Of The In-Dwelling

The Place Of Refuge
The Place Of Reflections
Wherein Peace Unfathomable
Quietness And Savoury Rest Lie
Where Battles Untold Are Fought And Won
And Where In Waiting And Watching
Vistas Are Continually Opened
Of The Ever Flowing Living Waters
Of The Unfolding Mysteries 
Of The Father Unto Sons
Of The Flooding Of His Light

Of The Perfect Revelation
Of His Perfect Will 
For His Creation 
Of The Leading Of His Spirit 
And The Guiding By His Hands
Through The Perfect Way
Unto The Perfect End
To Truly Live On Earth
In Perfect Harmony

With God And Man


Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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