PP6.03 – The Truth

Facts Are Landmarks 
Established In Tangible Signs 
And Expressive Logic
Indices Of Value Can They Be
As Salient Leads
To Considered Truths
But Can Facts Ever Be The Truth?
The Truth Can Never Be Built
Upon A Foundation Of Facts
Factored By The Acts 
And The Ways Of Men
Facts Indeed Can Be 
Just As Far From The Truth
As Falsehood Is
The Truth Is Right
It Is Self Sustaining
Neither With Props 
Nor With Appendages
It Is Constant
Neither Perishable 
Nor Changeable
Transcending Times
The Truth Is Perfect
It Stands Out Straight
It Is Clean And Clear
And Like The Crystal
It Beams Its Light For To See
Casting Neither Shades Nor Shadows
In Its Purity
The Truth Sits As A Judge
Ruling Over All Contradictions
The Truth Is At Resolute Peace
With The Righteous
And At Constant War
With The Wicked
It Cannot Be Stopped Along Its Path
For Its Motion Is Propelled
By The Hands Of God
So Wholesome Is The Truth
It Has No Parts And Cannot Be Parted
Far Is The Truth
Beyond The Imaginations Of Men
A Virtue Of God
The Truth Is Divine  
Indeed, A Tool Of Righteousness
The Truth Is A Spirit
To Be Sought After 
Only In The Spirit
A Spiritual Endowment,
Spoken Or Revealed
A Spiritual Seed 
Sown Of God,
 In Sovereign Mercy
In The Hearts  Of Men
Nurtured With Love
And Watered With Life
Like The Mustard Seed,
Under His Watchful Eyes
Is Grown Into A Mighty Tree
Which Trunk Is Stout And Straight
Well Enough To Bear 
And Which Broad Leaves
Are Wide Enough 
To Cover And Comfort
And Which Branches 
Are Widespread And Ladden Enough 
For Him That Found It
Are The Fruits Of Life,
Abundant Life
And Within Him That Possesses It 
Abides The True Life
Which Life Is A Written Book
In The Hands Of Men
To Read 
And Which Life Is A Ready Tool 
In The Hands Of God
To Use

For Mankind



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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