PP6.04 – Pearls Before Swines


Sons All, 
Born Of The Father
Raised In The Nobility 
Of The Exhalted Throne
Fed Fat Of Choice Meat
Their Cups Were Filled
And The Sweetest Of Fine Wines
Anointed They Were
With The Sacred Oil
Smelling Fragrantly Fresh 
Of The Best Of Spices
Covered In Purple
And Adorned With Gold

Their Standing Exuded Power
As Their One Voice Spoke Strength
To Them 
All Things Belonged
Lacking Nothing Good
They Ruled Over All Things
And There Was Peace Over The Land

A Season Thereafter
Despair Spilled Over
The Brim Of Disrepair
Children Began To Cry
Their Mothers Wailed
And Their Fathers Began To Sing
The Songs Of Lamentation
As Delinquent Princes 
Relinquished The Throne!
They Threw Away Their Dignity
Abandoning Their Places,
Their Watches And Graces

Treasures They Threw Away For Pleasure
Lusting After Thrifts, Cheap Thrifts!
Abomination To The Holy Place
The Altar Defiled
They Plunged Down In Droves
Down The Precipice
To The Treacherous Plains Below
Trading With Strange Men,

From Strange Places
Strange Men Of Strange Ways
Their Purple, Their Scepter
They Traded For Tatters
Their Exhalted Places, They Exchanged
For Nitches In The Streets 
And Their Royalty For Penury
They Left The King s Courts
For The Dung Hill
The Temple For The Coliseum
The Seat Of Political Opera
Their Pearls Before Hungry Swines 
To Gnaw And Trample Upon

They Twisted Their Tongues
To Speak In Strange Language
So Full Of Lies And Deceit
They Traded Tirades For Votes
Votes From Men For Power
Brutish Power To Rule 
Over Other Men!

They Dug Gorges Of Exclusion 
With Deceptive Curious Acts  
With Masks Of Hypocrisy 
They Hid Their Faces
They Untied The Knots
Loosening The Bonds  
And Breaking The Ranks

Then Came The Siege!
The Invasion Of The Land
By Strange Spirits
First By Cheating And Robbing 
Crafting And Grafting
Shooting And Looting
Hijacking And Kidnapping
Bombing And Dumping
Suicide From Delusion

Wantom Carnage As Rivers Flooded
Planes Began To Plunge Down
Wasting Lives
Even As Cars Began To Crash
Spilling Blood On Highways
This Evil Rain Persisted
The Dark Clouds Ceaselessly Gathered
The Remnants Remained Faithful
In Their Secret Watches
Groaning For The Land
And Interceding For The Land
Lamentations Continued 
And The Wailing 
Fainted Not From The Porches
Then The Heavens Began To Open
And The Prophets Once Again
Began To Prophesy
Repentance, Atonement And Restoration
The Call To Sobriety
This Siege Shall Be Over
The Princes Shall Return
Along With The Treasures
The Land Shall Glory Again
And The People

Shall Again Find Peace



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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