PP6.06 – The Voice Of Many Waters


The Mouth Of The Lord Spoke
And Sounded The Voice
The Voice Revealed The Word
The Voice And The Word 
Are Of One Spirit
One Spirit In God

The Word Is God Expressed
The Voice Is The Channel 
The Bridge Of Expression
Of Which Anchorage  
Is Found In God’s Will 
Crossing Over Many Waters
The Voice Is Of Many Waters

Silent As The Voice Can Be
He Is Ever Pregnant With The Word
As Silent As The Dew
Yet Audible To The Discerning Ear
And Comforting To The Yearning Soul
For Even In Silence 
The Voice Judges 
The Noises Of The Nations
And In Quietness

Peace, He Ministers To The Humble 
The Voice Can A Spectacle Be
As In The Spleandour Of A Waterfall
Drawing Applause From Man To Nature  
And Just Like The Spectacle
Of A Wildfire In The Desert 
Burning But Not Consuming 
Voiced The Mind Of God

To Deliver A People From Bondage 
Through The Mought Of A Donkey 
The Voice Was A Caution
To The Greedy Prophet
As Candid As The Voice Can Be
He Ministers Vision To The Blind
And Direction To The Confused

Like The Sounding Echo
Of Dripping Waters In A Cave
The Voice Offers Melody And Cheer
To The Solitary
By The Torrent Of The Rain
Blessing Is Voiced Upon The Land
Yet The Flood Of Many Waters 

Is A Despair To The People
In The Raging Waves Of The Ocean
Is The Lord’s Anger Voiced Upon The Seas
Yet The Beating And Clapping Of The Waves

Against The Beaches 
Is Restful To The Mind
Millions Of Droplets Of Water
Adorns The Sunny Sky 
With The Rainbow Of Many Colours
Voicing The Lord’s Covenant
Over Creation  
The Fountain Of Waters 
From The Nostril Of The Whale
In The Middle Of The Sea
Sings Song Of Praise 
Yet The Placing Of The Oasis
Among The Dunes Of The Desert 
Voices Abundances Of Life
In The Very Midst

Of Dryness And Death



Submitted by: Tunji Kusa
Ilorin, Nigeria.


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