The Birthright And Our Inheritance 1

The birthright in the Jewish customs belongs to the firstborn which has many privileges attached to it such as

  • Honour and authority in the family next to the parents. Gen. 4:7, 49:3.
  • A double portion of inheritance in the land which is typical of heavenly inheritance. Deut.21:17, 1 Chr. 5:1, Gen. 48:22.
  • Free from bondage. 1 Pet. 2:16, John 8:38-41.
  • Parental blessings. Gen. 27:4
  • Exercise of priesthood and the affairs of the family in the absence of his father. Gen. 21:3, Num. 8:16-18.
  • The promise of the Messiah.

The last three probably arise from the fact that God requested that the firstborn be separated unto him. Exodus 22:29.

The firstborn is a special type as of Christ who is a first born, and the church which is called God’s first born. Ex. 4:22, Heb. 12:23.


Gen.3:1-7, Matt. 4:11. Highlight how Adam lost the birthright and Jesus preserved birthright. Why did Cain kill Abel?

Even though the birthright belongs to the firstborn, it was a transferable right (Reuben, Gen. 49:1; Ishmael, Esau, Eliab, 1 Sam. 16:6-7). Esau was termed profane for slighting so scared and glorious privilege.

Could the birthright be sold? Discuss from Examples above

What is the birthright of Child of God?

The Birthright:


Ismael and Isaac were both in the loins of Abraham (the wild and the promise). In reality every one of us has our wild side and the promise. The environment (Hagar and Sarah) brought forth the characters of the two children. Gal. 4:22-26. What is the meaning of the mockery of Ismael in Gen. 21:9?

What dispositions make Ismael to lose the birthright, Gen. 16:4-12, Gen. 21:9, and what remedies God provided for Ismael?

Briefly discuss the contributions of Hagar in the loss of the birthright, any relationship with predestination and election? Rom. 8:29-30, 9:6-33*.

What constitute Ismael and Isaac in our lives and what is the way out?

Gen. 25:20-34


Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham was 160yrs (died at 175yrs) old when Isaac had Esau and Jacob born. For 15yrs Esau and Jacob were privileged to hear direct instructions (direct words of God spoken to Abraham on Godliness and inheritance) from Abraham (Gen. 18:19, 26:24, 28:13, and 32:9).

Verse 19-20. God made special promises to Abraham and his descendants. Abraham had many sons, but God’s promises were not for those other sons, although God had also made promises about Ishmael. God’s promises were for Isaac. And this is why the book of Genesis continues with Isaac’s life. However, it was clear that God’s promises would not end with Isaac. In the end, these promises were about Jesus, who was Isaac’s descendant (Galatians 3:16).

Verse 22: the children struggled (fought) inside her. Only one son would receive the benefit of God’s promises. And it was as if the babies were struggling for that right.

Twins (vs.22) with struggle in the womb, Luke 1:44: what lesson can we learn on ministering to babies in the womb?

By right, the birthright belong to Esau, but was careless and lacked understanding by not keeping to mind what his father Abraham and father Isaac may have told him in their places of the altar. Gen. 18:19

Compare the characteristic of Esau and Jacob. Gen. 25:26-34, 27:34-38, 41, 28:6-9, 11-17, Heb. 12:16-17.    

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