The Creation

Genesis 1:1 2peter 3:3-7 John1:1-5 Isaiah 37:16.

The Heaven just like the Earth are GODS creation for His purpose and pleasure. The term Heaven may seem to be least understood or perceived by the inhabitance of the earth, after the fall of man. This was because of the cloak of darkness darkened understanding that came over him making him earthbound. N

 Certainly, the heaven of God is neither the sky nor the clouds. It is neither the outer space nor the cosmos that are all part of God’s creation in the physical. The heaven of God is beyond the imagination of the mind of God of the creation man. The heaven God is a spiritual realm of being or existence which is completely and accessible to the natural or physical. The heaven constitute God’s Throne and the domain over the earth and all his creation. This dolmen is holy and even has God is Spirit.