The Day Of The Lord

Text: 2 Peter 3:5

The day of the Lord as it relates to the Natural Israel (Isaiah 2:12, Amos 5:18-19, Joel 2:31-32, Zephaniah 1:8)

: Israel was a covenanted people separated jealously to God through ordinances and status to keep them on the path of righteousness with God, in faithfulness to His Covenant with their fore fathers (Abraham, Isaac Jacob) as a token of righteousness to a decadent world. In the Promised Land, they were soon to be disappointment to God after so much spiritual investment in them and after and so much material disposition to them. The priesthood failed. The people began to take strange wives and thus corrupting the nation and the sanctity of the covenant. The prophets became the oracle venting its anger upon a corrupt and corruptible generation that must be purge for God to remain True and Constant to his covenant with their fore fathers. The day of the Lord to the natural Israel was not the physical day. It was a season of judgment, cleansing and restoration for a wayward nation under God.


  • To the Jewry, circumcision is a token of relevance in the covenant, the day of the Lord is a season in God for judgment under the same covenant. Discuss
  • The issue of pride and self isolation became a major issue of the soul that must be purge in Israel. Relate this to the day of the Lord.

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.