The Day Of The Lord As It Relates To The Spiritual Israel

1 Thessolonians 5:2-4, (Mathew 24:30-31, 38-39. Mathew 25:1-10, 2corrinthians 1:14, Revelation 20:11-15)

Preamble: The spiritual Israel constitutes the ecclesia spread over the earth in the Spirit. There are to be the children of Light and not of Darkness. Even though the Day of the Lord will be a sudden occurrence, it will not be to the Saints who will know the signs of the Day as they are of the Light. The Day of the Lord will be a separation of the ‘wheat from the shafts’, the wise from the foolish and the vile from that which is good. It will be a time for rejoicing and reward, even as it will be a time of condemnation and gnashing of teeth in regret. It will be a time when all heavenly and earthly defenses will no longer exist and no flesh of carnality will stand before the Throne of God. Within the twinkling of an eye, we will all take up immortality, the ‘quick’ and the ‘dead’ from upon the Earth, the Sea, Hell and Death shall stand before the White Throne to decide their eternal fate.


  • The Day of the Lord can be said to be the Devine arrangement put in place to assess, evaluate, reward or even judge the use our free will in creation. discuss
  • “…………..the son of man coming in the cloud of heaven with great power and great glory and he shall send His angels with a great sound of trumpet” discuss with prophetic undertone.

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.