The Heavens Rule

Thy throne, oh God is forever and ever. The sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre… Psalms 45:6

The universal Rule of God

(Genesis 3:14-19, 23-24. Genesis 6:6-8, 17-19.)

 Rule over kings

(Daniel 4:24-28, Daniel 5:22-31)

Rule over Homes

(Genesis 21:12-13, I Samuel 16:10-12)

Rule over the Persons

(Genesis 12:1-3, I Samuel 3:10-14)    

Preamble: The Rule of God over His creation and our humanity is Just, True and Sovereign. That Sovereignty extends over to Kings, Kingdoms, Nations, Homes and our Individual Souls. The righteousness of the Rule of God rewards obedience, yet judges iniquity and corruption.

The Righteousness of Gods Rule also separates corruption and darkness from that which is true and of the Light of God. The Devine perpetual Covenant of Life and Peace with Gods creations align with the Righteousness and Sovereignty of God Rule: Which brings Peace between man and man and between man and Gods creation before man can have eternal Peace with God.

The bringing forth of these knowledge of Peace became the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • As God Rules over our individual heavens, our love for Him and obedience to His counsel brings us to the place of daily reward in Devine Judgment: Discuss
  • Gods ordinance for marriage speaks of His Counsel and Mind for that union to which the man and woman must have faith in, and obey in order to truly love themselves and God for peace to reign within themselves and God: Discuss.
  • How do the knowledge and the love for the word of God by the Leaders of Institutions and Nations affects the quality of the lives of the people subject to such leadership?

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.