The Introduction

God created the Heaven and the earth for His own purpose and pleasure. The heaven He created to rule over the earth. The heaven He made His Throne and the earth His foot stool. In the heaven, He created Angelic beings covered in Celestial bodies to adore His Throne and on earth, He put the man that He created after the image and likeness of the God head. That man, a living soul, He covered in a terrestrial body to relate with the earth. He gave him His Spirit to relate with the heaven gave him charge over everything He had created. (in my father’s house there are many mansion john 14:2). In the heavens, He arrays the angel in diverse realms according to divine purpose. The Cherubim and Seraphim minister at His mercy sit at his feet. The Arch Angels, deploys on special mission to the earth while the angelic Host worship Him ceaselessly.

The cool; of the day……experience of Adam was the perfect communication between the heaven and the earth, between the created man and the throne of God. The fall of Adam brought the fatal disconnection between the heaven and the earth for mankind. The soul of the fallen man became darkened and subject to sin death and hell. (the fallen star Lucifer) from heaven was remanded in hell just as (the falling man Adam) on EARTH, was caught up in death. Hell and death became the strong hold and resistance to man ascent through the heaven to the throne of God.

God redemption plan through the ages has been to restore him from the fallen state and to render (the gate of hell) defectives, for the re-entry of the restored human spirit to His presence in heaven while bringing him to dominion on earth.

Over the ages, THE SPIRIT OF GOD in His redemption plan, worked through the prophet, the Lamb of God and the apostle to establishing the individual path for mans reconciliation with the God head. The church age is currently winding to an end as end time prophecies are being fulfilled before our eyes. The church is at its weakest and the Saints are at a state deplorably vulnerable to the enemy. Yet creation at this point of the church age, is groaning and waiting so patiently for the earth from the strong hold of hell.

The purpose of this study under God, is to quicken the awareness and understanding of the brethren about the par of consecration, holiness and ascent, in other to prepare the individual soul for the end time prophetic fulfillment and inclusions. The study shall be taking us through the prophetic, apostolic teachings and the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Spirit, man, hell and death. The heaven and the earth, the sea and the bottomless pit, the resurrection, the millennium rule, eternal life and so on. Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.