The Resurrection

John 11:25, John 14:6, Romans 22:1-3, Philippians 3:10, revelations 22:1-3

Preamble: By the fall of the first Man in the Garden of Eden, man had died in SIN. In Gods Redemption Plan, man has the hope of living again by the Resurrection Power of the given to everyone that believes in the Redemptive Ministry of the son of God–the Lord Jesus Christ. {The Last Adam}.

“to them that believe, He gave them power to  become the sons of God…..”

Resurrection speaks of the rising from the dead; it also typifies the changing from gloomy to radiant, sinful to righteous, and hopeless to the hopeful. This is a spiritual act of life given that could only have been backed up by a divine force or power originating only from God-Head- the source of life. With that force, the Holy Spirit is the quickening Spirit that becomes one with the word of God to effect change and to effect new life.


  • How do we relate wholesomely the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ to bringing our death humanity back to live?
  • “I am the way the truth and the life……….” The river of life can only spring forth from the spring of life which is the throne of God the giver of life can only be the processor of an endless life. Discuss
  • “The spirit of the Lord is upon me…..Isaiah 60:1” discuss this in relation to the Resurrection and the Life.

Courtesy: Ilorin House Fellowship, Ilorin, Nigeria.